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Many small businesses have Information Technology (IT) needs but lack the resources to hire a full-time position. pncs.tech can meet these needs with the talent and services listed below :-)

  • Training

  • Tech Suppport

  • Backups

  • Data Recovery

  • Malware Mitigation

  • Secure Networks

  • Secure Erasing

  • Cord Management

Knowledge is power. Let pncs.tech empower you with knowledge by providing customized, well-paced training. Paul's specialty is providing instruction on using Microsoft Excel—an extremely useful, versatile, and popular application. Additional, instructional offerings include how to use:

  • Microsoft's Windows and Office

  • Apple's macOS, Mail, Calendar, etc.

  • Popular smartphones and tablets

Training is provided either at your location or remotely, and presented either to a group or one-on-one.

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pncs.tech investigates and helps to solve problems and troubleshoot any technical issues that you may have. Help is offered to address a very-wide range of issues  including:

  • All manner of error messages

  • Slow computers (bad performance)

  • A need to migrate existing data to a new computer

  • A need to implement an operating-system upgrade

  • Problems with local network or internet access

  • Inability to print/scan

  • Email or other cloud data not synchronizing 

  • Bluetooth devices that won't pair

 Tech Support 

pncs.tech will help you determine the backup strategy that fits your needs, and then implement and validate that strategy by testing it with a simulated recovery. 


Backups can be as simple as copying data to a USB drive, or more complex and robust involving Network Attached Storage (NAS), external hard drives in RAID array, cloud sync & share, and cloud backup solutions. pncs.tech highly recommend adding an off-site component to your back-up strategy.


If your smartphone, SD Card, USB drive, or your internal or external drives are not responding, or if you accidentally deleted some files, pncs.tech can attempt to recover your data.


Diagnosis is free, and payment is only required if your data is recovered.

 Data Recovery 

Malicious Software or "malware" comes in many forms. It can cause problems ranging from a minor nuisance, to data loss and identity theft. 


If you have a device(s) that is already compromised, pncs.tech will use tools that can detect and remove the threat. 

pncs.tech recommends being proactive by implementing real-time monitoring software. This software can prevent a malware attack before it can compromise any of the devices on your network.

 Malware Mitigation 

Help your family, home office, or business to be more efficient, safe, and collaborative with a secure, wireless network.


pncs.tech recommends implementing Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2).

 Secured Network 

"Deleting" files from your computer doesn't necessarily erase the data permanently. When it's time to give-away or dispose of an old computer, ensure that your confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands. 


pncs.tech can erase the data securely with options that meet the standards set by either the US Department of Energy or the US Department of Defense.

 Secure Erasing 

Everyone seems to have what I call "spaghetti under the desk" – that unsightly tangle of telephone cables, network cables, and devices. In a technology-emergency situation, this can make troubleshooting very difficult.


During a period of scheduled down-time, pncs.tech will address this issue with Cord Management:

  • Untangle cables and cords

  • Eliminate unnecessary devices and/or cables

  • Clearly label cables, power cords, and devices

  • Cleanup/remove debris that accumulates in these places

  • Provide a network diagram of the new configuration

 Cord Management