Learn How to Use Spreadsheets

Skills you need

Today's employers want to know if potential employees have word-processing, presentation, and spreadsheet skills. Spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Apple Numbers are extremely powerful. Let pncs.tech help you to learn more about these feature-rich apps so that you can confidently claim spreadsheet-proficiency  :-)

Lessons and exercises are available from absolute-beginner through advanced levels. Call, text, or email to setup a lesson.

You may have noticed that employers are now demanding spreadsheet skills instead of considering them a "nice-to-have." This explains why many of my beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are interested in the courses that I offer, which include coverage of these Excel topics: 

  • Sorting and filtering

  • Using tables and slicers

  • Comparing lists

  • Conditional formatting

  • Creating formulas with functions such as IF, COUNTIFS, IFERROR, MATCH, INDEX, and VLOOKUP

  • Creating charts to make data visually appealing and simplified

  • Creating PivotTables to answer business questions

  • Using Excel charts and PivotTables in a PowerPoint presentation

  • Using Visual Basic and other development tools to automate and extend functionality

  • Using PowerPivot

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